Foundation Waterproofing Solutions in Toronto

Having a wet basement can be troublesome - rain or shine. While leaks are minimal in dry weather, they will persist and become increasingly evident during the next rainfall or thaw period. At that point, a leaking foundation could be lowering the value and limiting the use of your home. Montgomery Home Improvements’ state-of-the-art waterproofing solutions can protect your Toronto home. Eliminate the problem and get the benefits you deserve:

  • Restore the value of your property

  • Keep foundation sound

  • Warmer, drier basement year-round

  • Increased living and recreational space

  • Fresher, more attractive home

  • Cleaner, healthier environment

  • Peace of mind

Also helps prevent the following:

  • Fungus, mold, and mildew

  • Allergy and respiratory ailments

  • Electrical shock hazards

  • Termite and insect infestation

  • Peeling paint and wall covering

  • Structural damage

  • Damaged drywall

  • Widening of existing cracks

  • Bowing/buckling of walls

  • Collapsed walls

Problem Signs:

White Chalky Substance on Walls

Known as efflorescence, this is a chemical breakdown of the bonding agent that holds your walls together. This is a sign of possible structural deterioration.

Musty Odours

This is the result of the decay process from mould, mildew, and dry rot.

Mould and/or Mildew

You’ll find mould and mildew occurs when fungus grows in damp, dark areas causing discolouration, musty smells and odours.

Damp Spots on Walls

This is a sign that water has been absorbed through the foundation walls. Block/concrete will have dark grey splotches in various places.

Dry Rot

This occurs when dark brown/black fungus growth on walls and other surfaces, but mostly on wooden surfaces, causing decay.

Warped Panelling

Moisture will cause panelling to bow and discolour, commonly at the bottom portion of the panelling.

Peeling Paint

This is a clear sign of moisture in the wall, as paint will not stick to a wet surface.

Cracked Walls

Visible cracks in your walls could be a sign that the foundation has moved/shifted. These should be professionally inspected to determine the exact cause.

How It Works
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All work completed by Montgomery Waterproofing Systems carries a warranty of 30 years. Your Montgomery Waterproofing contract is your actual Warranty Certificate. Montgomery Waterproofing Systems warrants all materials and workmanship pursuant to the job description details on your written contract.